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"I actually have been seeing Nurse practitioner Jennifer Hite. She has been fantastic. She takes her time with me, talks through everything very thoroughly and also consults with doctors in the office. I could not be more satisfied." – Deana S. 
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"Treated me from an emergency I encountered when I fractured both left & right  index fingers on Halloween 2015 & he was understanding, patient, & caring. Great bedside manner. I didn't choose him as my physician/surgeon (was on call) but I would choose him & Ken Havenstrite NP above all others. They were fantastic. Being an RN myself, I knew what was going on but they explained everything. Thank you both, including your nurses, for everything you do. I have recommended you to many." – Donna R.  
"After I broke my arm in a car accident Doctor Cook along with his staff made an unbearable situation at least tolerable. They were professional, easy to communicate with, and extremely friendly. If there is a need for their help I believe them to be the best in their field." – Peggy C. 
"My experience was very positive. I had a total hip replacement and am without pain and have been since 2 months after surgery. I am so pleased with my recovery and feel better than I have for a few years. Therapy went very well. I have had several back issues and have found my back is much better with the new hip. I don't know why we wait so long to have this procedure done. I only spent 1 night in the hospital after surgery and did very at home with the help of my husband. I started home therapy the day after I came home and the therapist showing me what I can do and what to not push too hard in exercises was such a help. She came 5 times and this took 2 1/2 weeks. I was at that point ready to get out and just use a cane to get around. I am 4 months out from surgery now, and I can get down on my knees and get back up!! I am working in the yard and garden without pain and doing my usual routine of housework and sewing for others.   I am so Blessed by all of this. I praise God for sending such a terrific surgeon to this area. God Bless You at CIO!!" – Beverly H. 
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"I unfortunately wrecked my motorcycle and broke my thumb. Doctor Heavilon placed 2 pins. I'm still on the road to recovery, it's a long process and I'm ready to get back to riding. I would like to say that doc is great, always professional with a great manner. I would recommend him to anyone. All of the nurses and aids are friendly and knowledgeable as well.  Keep up the great work." – Rhonda W. 
"Had a great experience. The staff was professional and friendly. They truly made me feel at ease." – Randy B. 
"I had carpal tunnel surgery and Dr. Chen was very on point about everything he made me feel comfortable and did an awesome job on my surgery I would recommend him to others" – Teresa S. 
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"Had back surgery in February. When I went in the pain was so severe I could hardly walk. After surgery, the pain was gone and I walked out the next day without pain." – Robert M.  
"I suffered a bad fall on a concrete basement floor and tore my muscle and rotator cuff. I was not  able to have surgery right away due to insurance complications. Dr. Roper made it comfortable for me to wait from October to January. He was honest, caring and kind. The surgery went well and I am doing very well with recovery." – Veronica D. 
"I have had a total knee replacement. Everyone from the doctor, nurses, surgical staff to the staff on the floor at the hospital, including the physical therapist, were wonderful and caring. All were so professional. I couldn't be more pleased." – Donna C. 
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