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"Everyone that I encountered at Central Indiana Orthopedics were extremely friendly and prepared me for the surgery. They guided me through the need to do the exercises religiously. I was expecting a lot of pain but experienced very little, just a little discomfort. Dr. Graybill's nurse or NP was very efficient in preparing me after surgery. As a result, the whole process was easier than I thought it would be. I was very impressed with everyone I came in contact with." – Kenneth T.  
"Dr. Heavilon has treated me exceptionally well over the last 15 months. I had an uncommon foot injury that required tendon transfer surgery and during the recovery from that I developed a shoulder problem. I was off work for 5 months and my brain had time to be creative so I wrote a "Designer Ped" story for Dr. H. A friend helped me decorate and frame this story and it was presented to Dr. H at a "Lunch and Learn" presentation that he and I did to educate the Physical Therapists on this uncommon injury and tendon transfer surgery. Several months later the surgical foot developed an unrelated problem to the first surgery and a second surgery was performed to correct that problem. Dr. Heavilon is very knowledgeable, kind, understanding and listened to me. His nurse, Jessica A. is knowledgeable, efficient and very compassionate and she and Dr. Heavilon make an excellent team!! I am walking in a regular shoe again and will return to work tomorrow!!" – Dawn O. 
"I came in with excruciating right knee pain. Dr. Trusler was very informative and helpful. I received a series of Supartz shots which helped a great deal. The staff was always helpful and pleasant. I was very pleased with the overall experience." – Patricia N.  
"I cannot say enough good things about the care and surgical team of Dr. Graybill and his triage team. I am amazed at how thoughtful, respectful and efficient everyone has been." – Jean S. 
"I am pleased with Dr. Herbst and like his friendliness." – Lois M.   
"Great job by all Dr. Damer and staff." – Rebecca H. 
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"Doctor was very interested in what was bothering me and concerned on fixing the issue" – Tracy E. 
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"I met with Dr. Roper a couple of times due to carpal tunnel. He was very thorough in his examination and explanation of any intervention that might be needed. Carpal Tunnel Release was needed due to the severity of symptoms in my right hand. Surgery was performed in September of 2015. Since that time, I have not needed any further treatment or intervention. I have no numbness or tingling in my right hand, thanks to the surgery. I thank Dr. Roper for his help in this matter!  He was very professional in all his dealings with me." – Julia S. 
"I had surgery on my back in June 2015. All pain has been eliminated and I feel great. Dr. Tekula gave my life back to me and my family." - Stephen A.
"He was a caring doctor who took time to discuss procedures with me. He is a great doctor . . ." – Marilyn A.


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