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"Dr. Carter was very diligent in taking care of my daughter. He answered all our questions. He never seemed rushed even when he had a busy schedule and taking care of the walk in clinic also. He used language she could understand. He ordered more testing when her symptoms were not relieved with 2 weeks of immobility. We had a MRI to rule out any other problem. We were very happy with Dr. Carter's care." – Jennifer W.  
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"The overall experience with the staff and Dr. Rajmaira was outstanding. The doctor's diagnosis was efficient and accurate. His referral for physical therapy on my shoulder was exactly what I needed and resulted in complete freedom of movement in my shoulder and I am happy to say I am pain free." – Michael G.  
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"I was seen by a nurse practitioner, Sheri E. Stohler. She very knowledgeable about my issues and had an excellent plan of pursuit for me to take that would help me span my life longer and healthier. I enjoy her being my nurse." – Kwarne A. 
"All my experiences at CIO have been very pleasant while providing positive results, couldn't be happier" – Larry S. 
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"My daughter fell in gym class and I was worried that she had broken her wrist. We came straight here instead of the ER. All the staff was wonderful. They spoke directly to my daughter and answered any questions she had. It was nice that they treated her as a person and only looked to me if needed. The respect they showed her was outstanding and the care they gave her was wonderful. Thankfully it was not broken and it was a quick heal." – Makynna L.  
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"I love Dr. Haller, he is so patient and kind I would recommend him to anyone excellent doctor, we could use more like him." – Joellen B. 
"I had hand surgery in 2014. Dr. Chen performed the surgery. He was very compassionate, informative, and thorough. I had a very positive experience. He told me about the surgery procedures, how long recovery would take and how important it was for me to go to therapy. I am planning to have my other hand done sometime this year. I will certainly ask if Dr. Chen will do the surgery." – Rhea
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"I started to see Dr. Roper when in had an office in Peru, IN. I have always enjoyed his honesty and help. He is a very concerned doctor and I like that. He has helped me a lot with my knees and look forward to seeing him in the future." – Linda K. 
"I was informed about how the tests and procedures would be performed. I was respected for my privacy for all my visit's with my Doctor. I was scheduled in a timely manner for all tests that was needed for my care. I would recommend my friends and family to visit the Central Indiana Orthopedics." – Vikki   
"Dr. Herbst operated on my foot 5 years ago and. Done a fantastic job. I have been back since then to get cortisone shots in feet due to arthritis. He is a great doctor. I have also been back to Dr. German when I broke my arm 15 months ago. He is also a very good doctor. Thank you." – Shirley H. 


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