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"Dr. Duncan was very pleasant and professional. My condition was diagnosed, explained to me in terms I could understand, and treatment options were explained, including what results I could expect and the time frame for those results. After choosing the surgical option, I experienced the expected results within that timeframe. If I have future spinal problems I will definitely choose Dr. Duncan for treatment." – Esther W.  
"Dr. Graybill did my full knee replacement. Surgery went well, time spent in the hospital, 2 days, therapy went well and very quick recovery time. I am exceptionally pleased with everything!! Dr. Graybill's staff is very efficient and very nice." – Linda B.  
"I've been seeing Dr. Herbst for a few years now as needed. I originally went to him I because of a fairly botched surgery on my foot. (Hammer toes). He fixed me right up. He later did 2 other surgeries on my foot and ankle. I've been so impressed with Dr. Herbst since the first day. His personality and sense of humor. His professionalism and extreme knowledge of what he does is amazing! I would and have recommended him to anyone I run into that needs any type work in their feet or ankles. I don't think I've ever been to a doctor that I trusted anymore than Dr Herbst. So glad I am a patient of his.  I've seen a few other Doctors there at CIO. Dr. Chen, Dr. Graybill, Dr. Tekula, and Dr. Jones. I've never had that first complaint about any of them. I feel I can trust any information and/or suggestions given. Again, I highly recommend CIO. Thank you to each of these doctors for all you have done for me. God bless you!!" – Jan G.
"Dr. Kile took the time and effort to help us understand our daughter's concussion and how to appropriately deal with it and put her on the road to recovery." – Paul C. 
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"Dr. Graybill is an exceptional doctor. He has replaced my hips and knees. I am always treated with the utmost professionalism. The assistants and Dr. Graybill treat me very well and listen to anything that I bring to their attention." – Peggy W.
"I've had several doctors at Central Indiana Orthopedics. The most recent is Dr. Bennett. Complete knee replacement almost a year ago. He is a wonderful doctor, has a great personality and as I have told new patients, a good bedside manner. I guess I mean by that. He listens and makes you feel he cares. I love his whole staff. They all seem very caring." – Janet W. 
"The staff and doctor are great. I would like to thank everyone for being so considerate. Thanks again!" – Woodrow E. 
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"My labrum and ligaments were torn in my left shoulder so severely that I couldn't hold my arm out away from my side without it feeling like it was falling out of socket. Dr Trusler and his team did an amazing job repairing my shoulder. I have complete movement back in my shoulder and I am back to normal use with no complications." – Will   
"Arrived in ER with two open fractured bilateral index fingers & Dr. Bennett was on call. He & his PA were very pleasant & went out of their way to make the situation better for me. Had to have surgery to repair fracture and healed w/o problems. I am an RN and have seen many doctors in many situations and they were the best." – Donna R. 
"My husband & I have both been patients. His personal touch towards his patients and his skills are superb. His office staff fits his personality and are all wonderful. We have recommended Dr. Graybill to our friends who have also found him to be skillful and professional. We have the utmost confidence in Dr. Graybill. Thank you for making it possible to have this man on your staff." – Lynne K.   


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