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"Doctor Surtani is an incredible doctor. His care and talent in shoulder and knee surgery is outstanding. Doctor Surtani's talent and staff enabled me to return to physical activity in the shortest amount of time. Doctor Surtani's physician assistant is the best in his field and the rest of his staff are some of the best I have encountered. Highly recommend Doctor Surtani to anyone who is thinking about knee or shoulder surgery." – Tony B. 
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"Very happy with Dr. Kay, knee is doing well." – Greg V. 
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"I had carpal tunnel surgery. Dr. Chen performed the surgery and was wonderful! The staff there is great too! Very friendly place and I would refer them to anyone!" – Kimberly V.
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"Dr. Damer previously did my left hip and right knee, this time he replaced my right hip. Could not have been an easier surgery. Went with an epidural so therefore I woke up with ZERO pain. I stayed at the hospital for two days then went to rehab for eight days. The most my pain was rated was a 3 and that was more my back and thigh not my hip. I left rehab eleven days after surgery walking on a cane. Surgery was four weeks ago Tuesday and I am walking without my cane. Dr Damer, Kaise Power and all of the staff have been wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE PEOPLE!" – Nancy H. 
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"I had fallen on the ice and broke the Ulna bone in my arm in addition to bone chips being present after the fall. I was treated by Dr Cook who advised surgical repair. The surgery was performed the next day. I was very impressed with all the staff and Dr Cook.  It was also great that the physicans's office, surgical suite and physical therapy office was all in the same building.  I was treated very well and would not hesitate to return to CIO in the future." – Teena G.  
"I have been a gymnast for nearly two decades, and was told I needed ankle surgery about 12 years into my career after a severe sprain. I put it off as long as I could for fear that my ankle would not recover fully, but I reached a point where I had injured it so many times that I had a choice to make: have it fixed, or quit the sport I love.  My coach in 2014 did not want me to have the surgery because it was not the only injury I was facing at the time and I was entering my senior year as a Division 1 athlete at Ball State University. After meeting with Dr. Herbst for the first time, my decision was made; I needed the surgery and I trusted him to do it.  He prepared me for the worst case scenario, saying my recovery would take roughly a year before my ankle was back to "normal," and was not optimistic about my chances to compete as an all-around gymnast. He estimated I wouldn't even be able to run for four months, much less train for competition season.  For the surgery, I opted out of anesthesia and chose to have a nerve block to avoid the nausea, and Dr. Herbst talked to me throughout the operation and let me sit up to watch what he was doing. He performed a Bröstrom procedure to repair the ligaments on the lateral side of my ankle.  I was mentally prepared for the worst thanks to his good judgement, and did not expect to recover quickly, so when I did I was pleasantly surprised. My recovery time was swift and residual effects were minimal. That is not to say that my physical therapy routine was not rigorous, simply that his preparation was honest and gave me motivation to overcome the parameters he laid out. Now, nearly two years after surgery, my ankle is better than I ever hoped it would be. I did not miss one meet that season, and in less than one year I was able to make a comeback on 3 of the 4 events in gymnastics. Without his expertise and the leap of faith to have the operation, I would not have competed at all. I have athlete friends whose "repaired" body parts are more painful and troublesome than before their operation, but that is not my case thanks to the excellent work of Dr. Herbst. I have no pain whatsoever in my ankle, and it feels 10x more sturdy than my uninjured ankle. I anticipated having regrets after my operation, but instead I feel very lucky to have found an incredibly skilled surgeon who improved my quality of life beyond expectation. I would refer any friend or family member who needed orthopedic assistance to him and feel sure they would be happy with their care.  Thank you, Dr. Herbst." – Brooklyn S.  
"He was on time, assessed the situation and got me started in the next steps I have to follow to reach a solution. Dr. Cook is straightforward, professional and listens well." – Neil S> 
"I have been to see Dr. Trusler, Dr. Herbst, & Dr. Damer. I always receive kind, professional and compassionate care with all involved there. I'm thankful we have such a fine medical facility in Muncie. We are blessed to have such fine doctors in our area." – Julie H.  
"Great care, no pain, surgery accomplished hoped for goals" – Judith R. 
"I had a hip replacement. Doctor Kay did a great job. He will also replace my knees.  Thanks, Doctor Kay." – Rick F.
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