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"Dr. Roper shares similar interest in pheasant hunting. He worked with me to make certain my hand would heal from surgery in time for me to make my planned hunt. I appreciate his explanation of the procedure and his honesty in my preparation for my hand surgery." – Ben H. 
"I had a right total knee replacement & from the first appointment, through the surgery & hospital stay & aftercare everyone was very friendly, helpful & treated me with total respect.  Any question I had was answered & everything was fully explained & easily understood. Dr. Damer & his team are awesome." – Julie M.  
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"He knows what he is doing and made my surgery extremely easy on me. I tore my ACL in September and he was able to get me into surgery a week later. I have never been injured in my life or had to deal with something as emotionally and physically devastating as this. However, he made it very easy on me and made me feel confident enough to trust that everything would be okay. My knee feels great and I have 100% confidence in it. He is extremely knowledgeable and know's what to do and how to do it. I would definitely recommend him. Plus, he is very meticulous and made that clear from the beginning. I can't thank him enough." – Michelle S.
"I just wish to thank the doctors and staff for the great service, they gave me with my total knee replacement. And the rehab. department was excellent." – Kenneth H. 
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"From my first visit to my last I have been treated with respect and talked to in a way I understand. X-rays are done before you are called back to your room to see the doctor. Who does that? Central Indiana Orthopedics, that's who! And surgery was the same. There was a class before surgery so I knew what to expect, what to take to the hospital and how to prepare my home. Visit them one time and you will not choose anyone else, I promise." – Mona R. 
"My experience was nothing but positive. There was very little waiting and the staff was pleasant. Dr. Jones was pleasant and willingly answered any questions I had." – Mona T. 
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"He is very knowledgeable and kind when I see him. His staff is warm and comforting and that is a plus with me. He has given me a new hip and the ability to walk without the aid of a walker and that make me happy. He is getting ready (March 8) to do a knee replacement for me and I am very confidant in his ability to do a great job." – Sondra G.    
"Dr. Kay was awesome! Got me in right away and was very thorough and answered all my questions. Very easy to talk to." – Christopher B.  
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"I woke up on morning and couldn't walk without excruciating pain! I walked into CIO's clinic without an appointment during their walk-in hours and was taken care of immediately by Dr. Jones. He was very caring, professional, friendly and kept with me until I was pain free and, being a nurse, I am not the easiest patient. I highly recommend Dr. Jones." – Julie E. 
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"I had double carpal tunnel syndrome surgery back in March of 2015. I received excellent care, and follow-up appointments. The staff and Dr. Chen were very professional and very informing. They provided me with excellent care both on my right wrist, and on my left. Thank you." – Robin W. 
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