Central Indiana Orthopedics Offers Patients Custom Fit, Waterproof Cast

May 28, 2019

Central Indiana Orthopedics Offers Patients Custom Fit, Waterproof Cast

Central Indiana Orthopedics has partnered with ActivArmor™ to offer patients an alternative to traditional casts and splints. ActivArmor is a 3D custom splint that empowers patients with the freedom to maintain their active lifestyles while healing from injuries.

ActivArmor splints provide many benefits to patients of all ages and activity levels needing orthopedic support, including pediatric and geriatric patients, athletes and weekend warriors. Below are three reasons why we are excited to offer our patients this new casting and splinting technology.

It’s custom-fit

ActivArmor is custom-fit to within 1mm of the patient’s arm, so no rubbing or slipping. During an office visit, the area of injury will be scanned to create a 3D image of the patient’s limb/injured site. While the custom splint is being created, the patient is provided a temporary immobilization device. After a couple days, the patient may return to the office to have their custom splint applied.

It’s waterproof and hygienic

Shower, bathe or swim as you normally would. Enjoy any water activity without worrying about protecting your cast with an annoying waterproof bag.

No more smelly casts or splints! ActivArmor is breathable, so it doesn’t trap bacteria or moisture against the skin. It’s easy to clean off dirt and sweat, causing less risk for skin infection. Plus, the incision and/or pin sites are visible and can be monitored more easily.

It’s covered by most insurance plans

Our clinical staff will verify your insurance coverage and if a prior authorization is required. Although ActivArmor is covered by most insurance companies, we want to be upfront with you about what is not covered by insurance. You will be required to pay a scanning fee, which varies by brace, prior to scanning the injured site. The remaining balance will be billed to your insurance company.

For more information, please Chat With Us down below, call our office at 800-622-6575, or visit activarmor.com.