Stories That Move Us: Derik Stohler

April 18, 2019

Stories That Move Us: Derik Stohler

Meet Derik

Age 38, from Champagne, IL

Enjoys CrossFit, competing and coaching and spending time with family

Injury/Condition: ACL tear and knee pain

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Kerry Bennett, stem cell therapy

Derik’s Story

Derik tore his ACL 20 years ago, and reinjured it 7 years later. Over the years, Derik experienced pain in his knee which worsened as time went on. As a Crossfit athlete and coach, Derik is constantly using his knees. His wife began to notice that after Derik would finish a workout, he would walk with a limp due to compensating for not being able to use his knees the proper way. That’s when Derik knew it was time to seek treatment.

Derik grew up in the Anderson area and has been a previous patient of Central Indiana Orthopedics. He set up an appointment with Dr. Bennett, who ordered an x-ray which showed moderate arthritis. Derik knew he did not want to undergo another surgery, and he also did not want to mask the pain with cortisone injections. After discussing all treatment options, Dr. Bennett suggested stem cell therapy as a non-surgical alternative.

“After the consultation with Dr. Bennett, I was confident that the stem cell process was the way to go,” Derik shared. “Dr. Bennett was very thorough about explaining all aspects of the stem cell procedure – what to expect from start to finish, the financial commitment and results. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision.”

Dr. Bennett felt that Derik would be a good candidate for stem cell therapy – his arthritis was moderate, he’s young and active, and Derik did not want to experience another surgery.

The stem cell procedure takes only a few hours. Derik’s appointment was in the morning, Dr. Bennett performed liposuction on his back to obtain the stem cells, and then Derik was able to leave for two hours while the harvested stem cells were processed. Derik later returned and Dr. Bennett injected the stem cell solution into the area of injury and Derik was out by noon.

“Just a few days after the injection, my pain was minimal at most,” Derik said. “It had not felt that good since before I tore it years ago.”

As a Crossfit athlete, building strength, mobility and speed are all important aspects of Derik’s day-to-day. Not only has his recovery and movement improved after a workout, he’s started to notice muscle growth due to being able to get full extension and mobility back in his knee.

Watch Derik’s full story below, or learn more about stem cell therapy.