Stories That Move Us: Jane Haynes

May 31, 2019

Stories That Move Us: Jane Haynes

Meet Jane

Age 74, from Muncie, IN

Enjoys reading, agility training with her Labradors, and equestrian horseback riding

Injury/Condition: Meniscus tears and advanced arthritis

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Kerry Bennett, Stem cell therapy (left knee) and total knee replacement (right knee)

Jane’s Story

Over the last twenty years, Jane has spent a lot of time at Central Indiana Orthopedics seeking treatment for various conditions. Most recently, treatment of meniscus tears and advanced arthritis in both knees. Despite the wear and tear on her joints, Jane has been able to maintain her active lifestyle – agility training and tracking with her Labradors, horseback riding, and hiking in Maine and Vermont with her husband and dogs. She’s a very active and healthy 74 year old woman!

Since her meniscus repairs about ten years ago, Jane has been able to control the pain with cortisone shots and exercising to strengthen the muscles around her knees. In March 2018 when the shots no longer provided relief, Jane sought information from Dr. Bennett regarding stem cell therapy as an alternative to surgery. Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. However, after consulting with Dr. Bennett and discussing treatment options, Jane felt comfortable moving forward with stem cell therapy to avoid surgery if at all possible. Dr. Bennett moved forward with injecting both knees after harvesting the cells from Jane’s lower back.

For the next couple of months, Jane had significant relief from pain in both knees, and she was thrilled and optimistic that her own body was healing itself. However, by August, the pain in her right knee came roaring back. She had to limit all of her training and trialing because of pain. She knew it was time to have discussion of a total knee, so she set up another consultation with Dr. Bennett.

During consultation, Dr. Bennett compared x-rays of Jane’s knees from before and after stem cell therapy. He noted that while Jane’s right knee was definitely a candidate for replacement, her left knee joint showed improvement. Therefore, Jane and Dr. Bennett decided to move forward with a right knee replacement and hold off on replacing the left knee.

“I am very grateful that Dr. Bennett offered several steps along the way to a total knee, from cortisone injections, exercise/strengthening tips, physical therapy and stem cell therapy,” Jane said. “For a decade between my meniscus repair and total knee, I was essentially pain free and 100% engaged in activities I love.”

Within four months after her knee replacement, Jane was back to enjoying her favorite activities. Today, Jane is one year out from stem cell therapy on her left knee and she says it’s doing great. “It feels better and endures more,” Jane said. “While it gets sore after a lot of exercise, it’s nothing that an ice pack and glass of wine can’t fix!” 🙂

“I cannot underestimate the force of Dr. Bennett’s energetic and optimistic frame of mind as a factor in my healing. He is upbeat and accessible,” Jane continued. “In addition – and this is very significant – he understands that most of us want to remain ‘in the game’ as we age and not to give up activities we love.”

Watch how Jane is enjoying life, pain-free, agility training with her dog.