Additional Providers


Our team of board-certified anesthesiologists work out of Central Indiana Orthopedics outpatient surgery centers. Together with our surgeons, they are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of safety and comfort during their surgery.

Chad R. Austgen, M.D.
Dan M. Hecimovich, M.D.
M. Tyler King, M.D.
Mike J. Lisch, M.D.
Nick A. Pipito, M.D.

Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants (PAs) are highly trained healthcare providers who work under the supervision of our orthopedic doctors to provide the highest level of care for our patients. PAs take medical histories; conduct exams; diagnose and treat bone, joint and muscle injuries and conditions; order and interpret tests, such as X-rays and MRIs; prescribe medications and assist our doctors during surgery. Our PAs are trained to recognize when patients need the attention of a supervising doctor or additional specialist.

Trey R. Bland, P.A.
Chase E. Bly, P.A.
Laurel D. Fauquher, P.A.
Nicholas I. Long, P.A.
Christina M. McClain, P.A.
Jenna M. Nowlin, P.A.
Chris D. Roundtree, P.A.
Brittani A. Sizelove, P.A.
Elle J. Steele, P.A.
Jennifer J. Waterman, P.A.
Christina N. Weir, P.A.
J. Greg Williamson, P.A.

Nurse Practitioners

At Central Indiana Orthopedics, we take a team approach to evaluating and treating our patients’ injuries effectively. Our nurse practitioners work with our physicians to provide the highest level of compassionate care. Their roles include taking medical histories; examining and diagnosing patients; educating, guiding and treating patients via therapeutic activity; ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and imaging studies, such as X-rays and MRIs; prescribing medications; treating orthopedic injuries and conditions and assisting in orthopedic surgeries.

Christina N. Bacon, N.P.
Tonya L. Green, N.P.
Jennifer R. Hite, N.P.
Tricia M. James, N.P.
Curtis L. Laws, N.P.
Erica E. Mandsager, N.P.
Natalie D. McClintick, N.P.
Haley N. Ukiri, N.P.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists keep patients’ bodies moving, whether it’s recommending stretches to keep muscles active, teaching movements to potentially avoid a surgical procedure, or providing support after surgery during the healing process. Our licensed physical therapists offer a seamless continuum of care, taking the time needed to treat each patient while also being in ongoing communication with the patient’s provider.

Kristin E. Allen, O.T.R., C.H.T.
Courtney C. Atkins, P.T.A.
Karli N. Bechdolt, P.T.
Jessica L. Burke, P.T.A.
Siobhan A. Gillespie, P.T.A.
Larry T. Hawkins, O.T.R., C.H.T.
Sarah E. Jellison, P.T.A.
Cristina Jimenez, P.T.
Dylan A. Lax, D.P.T.
Louie C. Liwanag, P.T.
Alisha M. Miller, P.T.
Phil L. Miller, P.T.A.
Jarred M. Scott, P.T.A.
Christy A. Shipley, P.T.A.
Dwayne E. Smith, P.T.
Caleb S. Stanley, P.T.A.
Damon A. Stansberry, D.P.T.
Danielle N. Wills, O.T.