Team Doctor and Athletic Training Services

Central Indiana Orthopedics is dedicated to taking care of athletes in the communities we serve. Several of our doctors and certified athletic trainers offer medical services to athletes of local sports clubs, high schools and universities. We are proud to partner with these outstanding organizations to be the official team physicians and/or athletic trainers for their student athletes.

Anderson University

Dr. Jared Jones has been the team doctor for Anderson University since 2008. Previously, Dr. Jones was the team doctor for Indiana Wesleyan University.

“Over the last 11 years, I’ve had the privilege of serving Anderson University student athletes who are passionate about their sport. Watching their love for the game and knowing I’m able to play a small part in their success is very rewarding. I’ve also enjoyed educating AU student athletic trainers to develop their clinical skills and help them build successful careers.” ~ Jared Jones, MD

Ball State University

Central Indiana Orthopedics has been a proud supporter of Ball State University for over 30 years. You’ll find Drs. Haller, Hunt and Waterman on the field and court as the Official Team Physicians of the Ball State Cardinals. Additionally, Chester Coon provides athletic training coverage for Ball State University football student athletes.

“After serving as a team physician for over 24 years, it’s still fun to walk out on the field/court for a game. Memorable highlights include the Bowl games, championships, undefeated seasons, and the relationships I’ve built with staff and athletes. To watch the athletes succeed on the field/court after recovering from injury is very fulfilling!” ~ Kenneth Haller, DO

“As a graduate of Ball State, it is a true joy to be behind the scenes helping student athletes stay healthy as they compete and represent the University. I consider many Ball State sports medicine staff members my friends and mentors. Coming full circle from an athletic training student to serving as a team physician is pretty awesome!” ~ Jeremy Hunt, MD

“I enjoy being a Team Physician at Ball State University because it allows me to actively treat young, talented and driven athletes. The opportunity to help male and female athletes from a diversity of sports backgrounds recover from injury and return them to a high level competitive sport is especially rewarding. CHIRP CHIRP! ” ~ Scott Waterman, MD

“As an athletic trainer for Ball State football, I enjoy working with the athletes and helping them stay healthy and productive! Each season brings new challenges and successes for the team – it feels good to know I’ve played a small part in the team’s journey.” ~ Chester Coon, MS, ATC, LAT

Indiana Wesleyan University

In 2004, CIO began providing athletic training coverage for Indiana Wesleyan University sports. You’ll find Dr. Jeremy Hunt on IWU’s campus supporting the teams and caring for their student athletes.

“IWU is a special place to work. The staff and administration have supported me from day one. It’s been a privilege to support the mission and growth of the athletics program and school over the past 15 years.” ~ Jeremy Hunt, MD

Indy Premier Soccer Club

Dr. Brian Camilleri is the newest team doctor for Indy Premier Soccer, taking on that role in 2018 from Dr. Jamieson Kay who had served as the team doctor for ten years.

“Caring for an athletic team allows me to stay involved in the community and in the lives of players and their families. As a former athlete, I endured many injuries, so I spent a lot of time with sports medicine doctors. Unfortunately, my injuries required me to miss games and seasons, but it fueled my passion for sports medicine and helping athletes get back to the sport they love.” ~ Brian Camilleri, DO

Alexandria High School

“I love caring for the student athletes of Alexandria High School and helping them get stronger. Watching the Tigers win state in 2019 was one of the most exciting moments in my athletic training career, and I was honored to be a part of it.” ~ Brenell Williams, ATC

Anderson High School

“Being an athletic trainer at Anderson High School is very fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the student athletes and coaching staff. Most of all, I love taking care of the student athletes to help them compete at their highest level.” ~ Kylie Martindale, ATC, LAT

Elwood High School

“As the athletic trainer for Elwood High School, I have enjoyed building relationships with student athletes, school faculty/staff, coaches, and people in the community. What I look forward to everyday is the dedication that comes with working hard, whether that is in practice, competitions, or rehabilitating athletic injuries.” ~ Adam Gibson, MS, LAT, ATC

Frankton Jr.-Sr. High School

“Working with Frankton Sports for past 10 years has been a privilege. Watching these young athletes grow up to be the men and women they have become has been a joy. Knowing that I was in some small way apart of it, though good times and the rougher times, has been an honor..” ~ Chris Hawsey, ATC

Lapel High School

“Helping a student-athlete recover after injury and get back to the game they love is very rewarding. Knowing that I played an important role in that process makes this the best job!” ~ Kelsey McGrady, ATC