Elbow pain is most commonly caused by an injury, often related to sports (like those exuberant weekend warrior activities) or a fall. It can also be the result of a condition that has developed over time, such as osteoarthritis. Overuse is also a common culprit, leading to inflammation which can cause considerable pain in the elbow and forearm.

We understand that elbow pain can make everyday activities challenging, so we work to discover the cause of the pain and then determine the most effective treatment plan for your individual condition. When elbow pain is more than a scrape that can’t be fixed with a kiss and a bandage, come see us.

To consult with one of our elbow doctors, please request an appointment online or call 800-622-6575.

Fracture Care

Central Indiana Orthopedics has partnered with ActivArmor to offer our patients 3D-printed, custom casts and splints. Unlike traditional casts, ActivArmor empowers patients to maintain their active lifestyles while healing from injuries. Benefits include:

  • Water safe
  • Custom fit
  • Hygienic and ventilated
  • Covered by most insurance

ActivArmor is available to patients with upper- and lower-extremity injuries. For more information, please call our office at 800-622-6575 or visit activarmor.com.


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