Regenerative Medicine

At Central Indiana Orthopedics, we’re excited to offer cutting-edge regenerative medicine options including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine is a newer way of treating injuries and diseases that uses a patient’s own specially grown tissues and cells for the treatment of pain arising from spine, joints or musculoskeletal problems.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells, derived from your own tissue, are your body’s natural healing cells. They have the potential to recognize tissue injury and repair injured cells. Central Indiana Orthopedics has the technology to produce a solution rich with your own stem cells as a nonsurgical option to help alleviate pain. The procedure, which is available at our Muncie and Anderson offices with Dr. Ryan Rossos, is performed in a three-step process, which in total takes less than three hours:

  1. Harvest: Mini-liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, which takes less than 20 minutes.
  2. Prepare: Cells collected from liposuction are processed under a closed, sterile system that is not exposed to air. This step typically takes two hours, and the patient is welcome to leave the office and return once processing is complete.
  3. Deploy: Viable cells are counted and photographed for your records, then deployed/injected into tissues, joints or veins.

Not everyone is a candidate for stem-cell therapy; therefore, Dr. Rossos conducts a thorough examination and history of the patient before stem cell therapy is considered. Once he and the patient feel confident that stem cell therapy is a viable treatment option, an appointment for the procedure is scheduled. Procedure costs will vary; however, this procedure is not covered by insurance and thus will be an out-of-pocket expense.

To schedule a consultation, call 800-622-6575 or request an appointment online.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is your body’s own safe alternative treatment for certain types of pain. Platelets are tiny cells containing thousands of growth factors that control and regulate the natural healing process by recruiting stem cells to the injured site. The patient’s blood is spun in a centrifuge to obtain the highest concentration of growth and anti-inflammatory factors. This high concentration of nutrients is then injected into the exact site of injury or pain.

By injecting concentrated PRP into an area of concern, your body will recognize this site as a priority to heal it quickly, creating natural healing over the next one to three months. In some instances, we combine the elements of PRP therapy with stem cells.

PRP procedure is available at our AndersonFishers and Muncie offices. An initial consultation will explore individualized treatment plans, which may help avoid surgery or be used as an adjunct to a planned procedure. Procedure costs will vary; however, this is typically a procedure which is not covered by insurance and thus will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Watch Judy’s testimonial video below to learn more about PRP and its benefits. To schedule a consultation, call 800-622-6575 or request an appointment online.