April 1, 2021

Announcing Our New Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Central Indiana Orthopedics recently reviewed our vision, mission and values statements. Over the past several years, we’ve expanded our footprint and grown our team, so it was important to reevaluate these statements and make sure they align with our current organizational goals and objectives.

We felt strongly about making sure our staff had input in refreshing our vision, mission and values statements, so we assembled a team of employees from different roles in the company to participate in the project. While the vision provides inspiration and describes where we ultimately want to be as a company, the mission identifies our purpose and defines what we will do on a daily basis to reach our goals. Values are deeply held beliefs of our practice and ensure our employees are working towards the same common goal.

Although our team shared several ideas, the overall focus was making sure we provide expert and compassionate care for each patient. Read our updated statements below or watch the video to learn how we are putting these statements into action.


Be recognized as central Indiana’s premier, independent orthopedic provider.


Provide compassionate and expert care for each patient for all of their life.


Integrity: Treat and care for every patient and each other with sincerity and honesty.

Mutual respect: Be mindful of the remarkable and unique character of all persons.

Teamwork: Recognizing we achieve more for our patients as a whole than we do as individuals.

Community commitment: It is our responsibility and privilege to give back to the communities we share as professionals and neighbors with our patients.

Innovation: Seek and implement technologies and practices that result in the best evidence-based outcomes.


Special thanks to our team of employees who helped refresh our vision, mission and values statements.

Kelsey Campbell, Greeter

Julie Hill, Clinical Specialist

Nicole Morris, Clinical Specialist

Matt Stinson, PA

Emily Werline, Patient Representative Supervisor

Steven Herbst, MD

Jared Jones, MD

Christi Andrews, Operations Manager

Amy Hall, Director of HR

Doug Reno, Operations Manager

Damon Stansberry, DPT, Director of Physical Therapy Fishers

Cayla Truman, Marketing Manager