October 25, 2021

Celebrating Physical Therapy Month

October is Physical Therapy Month, and Central Indiana Orthopedics is grateful for our team of physical therapists as well as our physical therapy partners! At CIO, we are passionate about getting a patient back to doing what they love after an injury or procedure, and physical therapy plays an essential role in that process. Physical therapists keep patients’ bodies moving, whether it’s recommending stretches to keep muscles active, teaching movements to potentially avoid a surgical procedure, or providing support after surgery during the healing process.

Physical therapy can prevent injury and improve your quality of life. While it’s never too late to get moving, if you are already experiencing discomfort from an injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, then the pain can become debilitating and lessen your enjoyment and quality of life. It’s important to consult with a physical therapist to become educated about what’s causing the pain and develop a treatment plan.

Damon Stansberry, Director of Physical Therapy at CIO Fishers, says that anyone experiencing pain can benefit from physical therapy. “We like to think of ourselves as teachers, so we can guide patients along their journey of physical therapy, but they don’t rely on us too much.” What Damon enjoys most about being a physical therapist is seeing patients progress. “When you work with patients one-on-one, you get to see them go from in pain and not functioning well, to less pain and higher functioning,” Damon said. “It’s really satisfying to see.”

Central Indiana Orthopedics doctors believe it’s important to have a close relationship with their patient’s physical therapist during the treatment process so they can work as a team to help patients achieve their goals. That’s one of the reasons why our doctors wanted to bring Physical Therapy onboard when we opened our new Fishers location in June 2020. They’ve made the same decision recently to manage physical therapy at our Muncie location starting January 2022. By having all orthopedic care under one roof, our doctors can have a direct line of communication with our physical therapists, and in some cases even stop in to see the patient while in therapy, which means more personalized care for our patients. Even when having physical therapy on site at our facilities isn’t always possible, we still work directly with our PT partners in other locations to make sure those patients have the same continuity of care.

If you require physical therapy, CIO conveniently has physical therapy located within our Anderson, Muncie and Fishers offices. Additionally, we can recommend several trusted physical therapy partners in the markets we serve, or close to home.

To learn more about physical therapy at Central Indiana Orthopedics, visit https://ciocenter.com/services/physical-therapy.