December 30, 2019

Central Indiana Orthopedics Values: Creating a Community of Care

Central Indiana Orthopedics founding physician, Dr. Jack Walker, said, “No matter how down you get, or how tired you get, never, ever forget it is a privilege to care for patients.”

For nearly 70 years, this advice has fueled our passion for providing comprehensive care in a compassionate and cutting edge way to communities across Central Indiana. Although our practice has grown since 1950, two standards remain true – always practice with integrity and hire good people who care.

When a patient walks into our practice, they may feel hopeless because of an injury or chronic pain. At CIO, it’s our desire that when a patient leaves, they feel a sense of hope that there is a solution to their problem. We want patients to know they matter, and we want to treat the whole patient, not just their injury. So, we encourage staff to look past their computer monitor and really see the patient standing in front of them and think – what can we do to help this patient?

In addition to treating patients in the office, CIO is committed to providing care outside the physical walls of the buildings by supporting the communities in which we live in and raise our families. We are proud to cover athletic events at local Universities and High Schools, and sponsor community initiatives and organizations that promote wellness.

We simply want to get our patients back to work, sports, whatever activity it is they are missing. We are here for the long term to make sure we make a difference and do everything we can to keep the community thriving for as long as possible.

…Because life moves.