July 16, 2021

CIO and Stryker Showcase a Robotics Home Run

Recently, Central Indiana Orthopedics and Stryker visited Victory Field to educate those suffering with painful hip or knee arthritis about the benefits of Mako SmartRobotics™, an innovative technology used during hip and knee replacement surgery that results in a more accurate procedure, less pain and a quicker recovery.

Earlier this week, Dr. David Graybill, Mako-certified joint replacement surgeon, joined an Indy Style segment to share how SmartRobotics™ technology works and how Stryker has teamed up with the Indianapolis Indians to share how this technology can get you back in the game, or whatever you love doing.

“Arthritis is a growing problem and can be associated with several factors including an increase in age, multiple injuries or trauma and/or family history or genetics,” Dr. Graybill said. “With much of the population, especially Baby Boomer generation, remaining active in middle age and beyond, we are seeing an increased burden on individuals with significant hip and knee arthritis.”

Mako SmartRobotics™ is both a planning and surgical tool that enables our patients to have a more predictable experience when undergoing joint replacement surgery. The surgeon uses this technology to map out a personalized surgical plan using a 3D CT-based planning software so they can know more about your anatomy to carry out a personalized joint replacement procedure.

“Hip and knee replacement has the opportunity to really improve a person’s quality of life,” Dr. Graybill said. “I’ve had both of my knees replaced with this technology, and I did great. I was off narcotics in a couple days, back to operating at four weeks and was able to go hiking on fairly aggressive trails at five weeks.”

Watch Dr. Graybill’s interview on Indy Style

SmartRobotics™ Stadium at Victory Field

On July 15, a few of our Mako-certified joint replacement surgeons joined Stryker’s interactive booth, SmartRobotics™ Stadium, at Victory Field so Indianapolis Indians’ fans could learn more about the technology and participate in fun activities for the whole family.

Team Stryker and Team CIO at SmartRobotics Stadium booth at Victory Field

Play ball! Glad the rain finally stopped. 

Drs Graybill, Damer and Jerman ready to chat with fans about the latest in hip/knee replacement surgery

SmartRobotics™ Seminar at Victory Field, August 19

CIO and Stryker will return to Victory Field on August 19 to host a seminar about Mako SmartRobotics™ technology for hip and knee replacement. If hip or knee pain is keeping you from the activities you love, then take the first step toward recovery. Reserve your spot to attend this educational event with Drs Graybill, Damer, Kay and Jerman.


Learn more about Mako SmartRobotics™ at ciocenter.com/mako