September 25, 2020

CIO and Urology of Indiana Blood Drive Saves Up to Sixty Lives

Central Indiana Orthopedics and Urology of Indiana teamed up with Versiti Blood Center to host a blood drive at our new Fishers Orthopedic Care Center in MedTech Park. Versiti Blood Center is passionate about improving the lives of patients and helping healthcare partners thrive. By providing donated blood to local hospitals, Versiti helps patients in need of blood who want nothing more than to share another moment with their loved ones.

We are pleased to announce that in just three hours, twenty people donated blood which will help save up to sixty lives!

“I’m proud to work for an organization that values community commitment,” said Brenda Campbell, Executive Secretary at Central Indiana Orthopedics. “Versiti made the process of donating blood so easy, and it took very little time. Patients in our community are counting on blood donations – it’s humbling to know that my donation will help save up to three lives.”

The need for blood never ends, which means patients are always counting on the generosity of blood donors. Hosting a blood drive is a simple way organizations in the community can do their part to maintain a safe, stable blood supply. Team CIO was thrilled to play a small part in helping keep blood on the shelves for patients in need in our community.