August 19, 2020

CIO Patient Reviews Rank in Top 20 Orthopedic Practices Nationally

We are proud to note that, according to a recent report from SocialClimb, Central Indiana Orthopedics’ (CIO) patient reviews are ranked high among Orthopedic practices in the United States, coming in 17th out of 106 practices measured. Our commitment to personalized, caring service has helped us achieve status as a leading Indiana Orthopedic practice since 1950.

In SocialClimb’s report, patient reviews are measured from online sites such as Google, Facebook, Healthgrades and Vitals. CIO’s overall star rating comes in at 4.78/5 stars.

“Even though CIO is ranked very positively, and we are honored to have achieved this ranking, there’s always room for improvement,” says Dr. Steven Herbst, CIO foot and ankle surgeon. “Patient feedback helps us determine what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong. We want to ensure we are meeting our patients’ expectations.”

In Orthopedics, patient satisfaction is a major point of interest in determining patient outcome. Providers will review outcome data such as x-rays and range of motion, but possibly one of the most important factors is determining whether the patient’s expectations are met.

We understand it’s a comprehensive effort to provide a positive experience for the patient. All touchpoints in the patient’s journey are equally important. From scheduling an appointment to the interaction upon arrival at our offices to the assessment performed by our nurses and providers, the bottom line is the patient’s perception of their overall experience is their perception – they own that. If we want to achieve a positive result, our entire team must play a part in delivering exceptional care.

On occasion when we receive negative feedback, often that is a failure on our part to understand the patient’s expectations or goals. Many times, this is an opportunity for us to reach back out to the patient to understand how we can make it right, allowing us to improve our interactions and outcomes with patients in the future.

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to orthopedic care and deciding who you trust is an important decision. If you are interested in learning more about Central Indiana Orthopedics and the care we provide, browse our online reviews or hear directly from our patients at