January 4, 2022

Get to Know Dr. Joseph Duncan

Meet Dr. Joseph Duncan, board-certified doctor and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at Central Indiana Orthopedics Muncie office. Dr. Duncan started his career at CIO in 2007 and specializes in conditions of the cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine (back), such as disc herniations and spinal stenosis. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, and underwent residency training at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio. After residency, Dr. Duncan chose to further his education and undergo fellowship training in spine surgery at Charlotte Orthopaedic Spine in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Duncan’s interest in medicine started early. “My father was a physician, so at a young age I wanted to emulate him,” Dr. Duncan shared. He also enjoys being something of a DIYer, which added to his natural inclination to become a physician. “I love being able to fix things, so if a patient comes to see me and they have a problem and I can fix it, that gives me a lot of satisfaction,” Dr. Duncan said.

Dr. Duncan believes in using an honest, straightforward approach to helping his patients and only recommends surgery when all nonsurgical treatment options have been exhausted. If surgery is recommended, Dr. Duncan is dedicated to using the most advanced procedures and treatments for his patients, including minimally invasive neck and spine procedures to keep his patients in motion and accelerate recovery time.

“When a patient first comes to see me, what they can expect is that I’m going to take a detailed history and really try to understand why they are seeking treatment and what is causing their problem,” Dr. Duncan said. “I try to give them an educational foundation of the condition they are dealing with to help with the pain and discomfort.”

When Dr. Duncan isn’t working, he enjoys outdoor activities such as yard work, boating and hiking. Learn more about Dr. Duncan and his approach to patient care in the video below or schedule an appointment at https://ciocenter.com/physicians/joseph-c-duncan-md/.