October 6, 2020

National Physician Assistant Week

At Central Indiana Orthopedics, every day is Physician Assistant appreciation day! But it also so happens to be #NationalPhysicianAssistantWeek. This year, we asked our Physician Assistants what they love about being a PA and why they love caring for our patients. Here’s what they said…

“Providing orthopedic care to patients as a physician assistant at Central Indiana Orthopedics for the past five years has been a blessing. The ability to help hurting patients feel better and witnessing their recovery are some of the many rewards of working as a PA.” ~ Brittani Sizelove



“Being a PA allows me to provide personalized, quality care to our patients in a timely fashion. I enjoy being able to have an impact on the lives of my patients when they are often in a time of greatest need.” ~ Chris Roundtree




“I love being a PA for the autonomy that it brings to my family, my work family and myself. I always love caring for orthopedic patients because we can make a difference in their lives and it is a privilege to be able to care for our patients.” ~ David Tann



“I love being a physician assistant at Central Indiana Orthopedics. I get to work with an incredible surgeon, and a top-notch staff of nurses and athletic trainers. As a team, we work very hard for our patients, and there is no better feeling than helping alleviate their pain and allowing them to get back to the activities they love.”  ~ Greg Williamson



“I love being a Physician Assistant because it allows me the autonomy to really spend time listening to my patients and has enabled me to go above and beyond to help each individual. The positive collaborative team environment we have at Central Indiana Orthopedics makes it possible to work together to improve each patient’s quality of life as they go through treatment. I love getting to know our patients and seeing how much better they are when they are dismissed from our care.”  ~ Jennifer Waterman


“I love being a PA because I get to help patients through the whole process from conservative treatment to surgery to post op rehab to a more pain free and active life.” ~ Karissa Carpenter




“As a PA-C, it’s my goal to paint a clear and concise picture for our patients so they understand their personalized treatment plan completely. Making them feel comfortable and confident in our practice is the first step to getting them on the road to recovery. Seeing them cross that finish line is the reward for both of us.” ~ Nick Long



Now head over to social media and join us in saying “THANK YOU” to all of the CIO Physician Assistants! Use the hashtag #PAweek and tag CIO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.