July 19, 2021

Stories That Move Us: Albert Young

Age 68 from Fishers, Indiana

Enjoys going to the gym and spending quality time with family and friends

Injury/Condition: knee pain/osteoarthritis

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. P. Jamieson Kay/total knee replacement

Albert’s Story

Albert Young was an amateur bodybuilder and played baseball and football throughout college. Due to these years of hard wear and tear on his body, Albert had been suffering with knee pain for a long period of time. Initially, Albert met with Dr. Kile Carter to determine what he could do about the pain and discomfort he was having in his knee. Dr. Carter recommended that Albert try conservative treatment first but explained that he would eventually need a total knee replacement due to bone-on-bone friction in his knee joint. When conservative treatment was no longer providing relief, Dr. Carter referred Albert within the practice to Dr. P. Jamieson Kay to begin the conversation about a total knee replacement.

During Albert’s first visit with Dr. Kay, he introduced Albert to the option of using Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted surgery for his total knee replacement. Dr. Kay explained that the accuracy of robotic surgery can lead to less pain and quicker recovery, and even shared his personal experience of having a total knee replacement using Mako technology. Albert felt confident that it was time to schedule his surgery and had a total knee replacement in February 2021.

A few days after surgery, Albert began physical therapy with Damon Stansberry, DPT, at Central Indiana Orthopedics Physical Therapy. “The Physical Therapy team was just as remarkable in their efforts to guide me after surgery,” Albert said. “Motivation, experience, great attitudes and trust made it very easy to push myself to maximize each visit and reach my goals for recovery.” A goal that kept Albert motivated was to be able to dance with his daughter at her wedding in June. Through Albert’s efforts in physical therapy, he was able to get back to full range of motion and he was able to enjoy dancing with his daughter.

Currently, Albert is more than four months out of surgery. “My life has changed dramatically,” Albert said. “I’m back in the gym using the treadmill for cardio each day, and I’m looking forward to jogging in the near future.”

Albert is very thankful to have been under the care of Dr. Kay and highly satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. His replacement was successful and, according to Albert, all of his expectations were met.

Dr. Kay has been nothing short of outstanding throughout the entire process of my total knee replacement,” Albert said. “He is a proven leader as his team members demonstrate the same positive attributes as Dr. Kay. My experience at Central Indiana Orthopedics Fishers has been extremely rewarding and one that I plan to openly share with others.”