August 17, 2020

Stories That Move Us: Amy Mercer

Age 50, from Middletown, IN
Enjoys spending time with family, traveling and gardening
Injury/Condition: Left knee meniscus tear, arthritis in both knees
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. P. Jamieson Kay, bilateral knee replacement

Amy’s Story

Amy had painful knee mobility issues in January of 2018. She experienced painful episodes of her left knee “locking” in extension and flexion, and was unable to bear full weight. After scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kay, a MRI and x-ray were ordered which revealed a meniscus tear in her left knee and arthritis in both knees. She wasn’t quite ready for a knee replacement, so Dr. Kay recommended a left knee arthroscopy with a goal to relieve Amy’s pain and mobility issues – short-term.

As her arthritis progressed, it began to interfere with her enjoying life and doing the things she loved, such as gardening, traveling and spending time with family. She returned to see Dr. Kay for help. Dr. Kay revealed the options available to Amy and let her know that a knee replacement on both knees was the next and best step to take in regaining her mobility. He told her that she would know when she wanted to get her knees replaced if her current treatment began to lose effectiveness and her quality of life began to drop. Amy decided to go through with the replacement on both knees in September and November of 2019.

After recovering, Amy’s joint pain was completely gone. Before her surgery, her joints hurt even at rest and she relied on anti-inflammatory meds and ice packs to keep the soreness at bay. Now she regularly does activities she used to avoid, including vacations at amusement parks and walking all day!

Amy first came to CIO at the recommendation of friends who also had good results from procedures done here. “The care I received was much more than treatment…it was CARE. I was seen and treated as a whole person and not just a diagnosis,” Amy said. “The entire staff was a complete team that listened to my needs and concerns and worked with me to ensure I had the best outcome possible.”