September 18, 2022

Stories That Move Us: Beth Marsh

From Greenfield, IN

Enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering for local community and charity projects, traveling and attending IndyCar races with her husband

Provider/Treatment: Dr. Jamie Kay, Mako Knee Replacements

Beth experienced problems with her knee joints since childhood. Over time, they eventually became bone-on-bone, causing more severe pain and limited mobility. When the pain started to affect her quality of life, Beth knew it was time to consult an orthopedic surgeon to discuss treatment options. “Even with orthopedic options closer to home, I made the decision to come to Central Indiana Orthopedics based on their reputation and having heard the success stories of others,” said Beth.

Beth’s treatment started in 2015 when she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jamie Kay to discuss treatment of bilateral knee pain. “He worked with me over a period of several years to see if relief could be obtained through injections of cortisone and Synvisc,” said Beth. “Ultimately, as my joints continued to deteriorate, he felt that total knee replacement was warranted.” Beth made the decision to have her left knee replacement in April 2022.

Beth was hopeful that that the surgery would improve her issues with pain and mobility, and the results after getting a knee replacement on her left knee exceeded her expectations. “After only six weeks, I was able to walk and do things I wasn’t able to before, with greater ease and less pain than in decades,” Beth shared. In fact, Beth scheduled to have her right knee replaced just a few months later. Her goal is to be able to walk in sand at the beach again soon.

After both surgeries, Beth utilized CIO’s Physical Therapy at the Fishers location. “CIO’s physical therapists deserve enormous credit for my rapid progress after surgery,” Beth said. “They are there for you if you have a question or concern during your recovery.” Beth’s advice to any patient having a joint replacement is to follow the recommendations of the physical therapists. In her case, it was doing physical therapy exercises every day, which was an essential part of her recovery.

“I would highly recommend CIO to someone contemplating joint replacement and can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kay and team, plus the staff at CIO,” Beth shared. “Their medical and surgical skill is obvious, but what I have appreciated just as much is how caring they are, including going out of their way to help me with appointment scheduling, insurance questions, pharmacy issues, you name it.”