February 7, 2019

Stories That Move Us: Bill Kutschera

Meet Bill

Age 71, from Anderson, IN
Enjoys traveling with his wife and friends
Injury/Condition: Sciatic pain
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Francesca Tekula, spinal fusion

Bill’s Story

Bill suffered from continuous, often extreme sciatic pain which limited his activities and decreased his quality of life in virtually all regards. A walk with his wife and grandkids, or even a short walk to the mailbox and back seemed impossible. Years ago, Bill was unsuccessfully treated by an orthopedic group who claimed they were unable to fix his pain, but instead could “mask” it with pain medicine. Not satisfied with that solution, Bill asked some friends in Anderson who they thought to be the best neuro/ortho in the area. “I was told it was Dr. Tekula at CIO,” Bill shared. “I called for an appointment and subsequently became her patient.”

After an exam and testing, Dr. Tekula said, “I can fix that.” She scheduled a spinal fusion and Bill claims his sciatic pain was relieved almost immediately. Due to arthritis, he’s had other vertebrae deteriorate and later had additional surgeries with Dr. Tekula. His most recent spinal surgery he remembers it being on a Tuesday, and the following Saturday Bill walked a mile with his wife through their neighborhood with zero pain!

“Going from a life with almost constant and significant pain, which diminished my ability to engage in many activities, to one in which I am limited only by my physical capabilities/desires is virtually impossible to adequately describe,” Bill said. “As I’ve told folks on many occasions, ‘Dr. Tekula gave me my life back.’”

Over the years, Bill and his family have returned to Central Indiana Orthopedics for various orthopedic issues – hip, knee, back, shoulder – you name it. 🙂 “The personalized and expert care CIO provides stands out amongst all the healthcare providers/surgeons I’ve dealt with over many decades while living coast to coast,” Bill shared. “The best providers of orthopedic care you need are right here in our community – at Central Indiana Orthopedics.”