November 1, 2021

Stories That Move Us: Dana Marion

Age 50 from Anderson, Indiana

Enjoys flower gardening, nature, crafts and animals

Injury/Condition: hip pain/osteoarthritis

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. P. Jamieson Kay/total hip replacements

Dana’s Story

Dana came to Central Indiana Orthopedics in 2018 with severe pain in her left hip caused by arthritis. Until that time, she had been consulting her family physician and treating the pain conservatively with anti-inflammatory medication. When the pain became constant and medication was no longer providing relief, she requested a referral to Central Indiana Orthopedics and scheduled a consultation with Sheri Bennett, NP.

X-rays of Dana’s hips showed severe arthritis in her left hip and moderate arthritis in her right hip. Dana discussed treatment options with Sheri and understood a hip replacement was in her future, but Dana was anxious about having surgery and wanted to trial anti-inflammatory joint injections first.

“Being only 48 years old, I wanted to try all non-surgical treatment options before surgery, but after several joint injections and little pain relief, I knew surgery was the next step,” Dana said. “The pain was really affecting my quality of life. I was no longer able to sleep comfortably; daily activities became difficult and painful, and I could no longer walk without a cane or assistance.”

Sheri referred Dana to Dr. P. Jamieson Kay, a joint replacement surgeon at CIO, and he performed her left hip replacement in August 2019. In Dana’s words, she recovered “with no problem at all,” so when she started feeling similar pain in her right hip, Dana didn’t hesitate to schedule another appointment with Dr. Kay to discuss treatment options for her right hip. Dana had her right hip replaced in August 2021.

“While I was so hesitant to have surgery the first time around, the outcome was so positive that when it became obvious I needed surgery on my other hip, I had no second thoughts about a second surgery,” Dana said. “My pain is almost completely gone, and I would not hesitate to do it again.”

Dana works in customer service and understands the importance of patient satisfaction. “Dr. Kay treated me with compassionate care, and everyone was very professional. I have never had a bad experience at CIO and I have no complaints,” Dana said. “Since both of my hip replacement surgeries, I have a new lease on a better quality of life. Thank you, CIO!”