October 2, 2018

Stories That Move Us: Gary Redick

Meet Gary
Age 68, from Middletown, IN
Enjoys golfing, fishing, bike riding, spending time with his grandchildren, and supporting projects for the Middletown Lions Club
Injury/Condition: left hip
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. P. Jamieson Kay, total hip replacement

Gary’s Story
Gary had experienced pain in his left hip for years caused by osteoarthritis, but the pain worsened after yard work in Spring 2017. Daily activities, such as going from a seated position to standing, sleeping, and walking aggravated his symptoms. “Kicking a soccer ball, shooting a basketball, water guns fights with the grandchildren, riding my bike, fishing, golfing…basically all activities I enjoy could not be done without extreme pain and discomfort!” Gary said.

After Gary could no longer ignore the pain, his wife insisted he make an appointment with Central Indiana Orthopedics. Dr. Kay wanted Gary to try physical therapy and a cortisone shot before discussing the option of surgery. However, the pain did not subside, so Gary decided to pursue hip replacement surgery in October 2017.

Gary was very pleased with the results of his surgery and followed instructions for at-home rehab exercises with his wife’s assistance. His healing progressed so well that he returned to work full-time at Plastic Recycling just five weeks post-surgery, and has since happily retired. At his six week follow up, Gary had great range of motion, was not walking with a limp and did not need a cane for support. “I think the most remarkable part of my surgery/recovery was my level of pain associated with the hip replacement – almost non-existent and I did not need to take the pain medicine!” Gary said.

Gary is back to riding his bike ten miles per day and enjoying his favorite activities, pain-free. “Dr. Kay, Haley Ukiri, and my wife Deb were all instrumental in my recovery and I am very thankful for them as well as the entire staff at Central Indiana Orthopedics – they are fabulous, caring people!” Gary said. “Kudos to St. Vincent Hospital for all the love and support they provided me while in care.”