April 4, 2019

Stories That Move Us: Jacqueline “Jackie” Maulucci

Meet Jackie

Age 17, from Fishers, IN

Enjoys playing basketball & working out, listening to music & hanging with friends

Injury/Condition: Torn ACL

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. P. Jamieson Kay, ACL repair

Jackie’s Story

Jackie tore her ACL in September 2016, her freshman year at Hamilton Southeastern, while playing in a high school soccer game. Unfortunately, the injury caused Jackie to miss the rest of soccer season, and sit out during her freshman year of basketball, another sport she loved to play. Jackie & her family have been to Central Indiana Orthopedics several times in the past, so they trusted the doctors and staff with Jackie’s ACL injury.

After a visit with Dr. Kay, he ended up repairing Jackie’s ACL with surgery soon after in October. “Dr. Kay laid out a plan for my treatment and explained the whole process from surgery to recovery,” Jackie said. “I never encountered something that was unexpected because Dr. Kay always explained each step of the process to me.”

Dr. Kay worked with Jackie on a plan to strengthen her knee before surgery, because she was going to lose a lot of strength post-operation. Then, after surgery, the goal was for Jackie’s ACL to heal, slowly re-strengthen her leg and get back to full potential. Never in a rush, Dr. Kay always looked at the long-term effects and encouraged Jackie every step of the way.

Happy to report that Jackie is back to playing basketball and better than ever! Jackie & her basketball team at Hamilton Southeastern High School recently became Class 4A State Champions – WAY TO GO! Congrats, Jackie, and the HSE high school basketball team on this awesome accomplishment!

“If any of my friends are dealing with an injury, I definitely recommend them to Central Indiana Orthopedics,” Jackie shared. “I have been with CIO for many years now, for many different injuries and each experience is the same – you experience doctors who truly care about you and your goals. You feel fully cared for and get amazing results.”