July 27, 2020

Stories That Move Us: James Owolawi

Age 36, from Westfield, IN
Enjoys running, weight lifting, reading and spending time with his family
Injury/Condition: hip impingement/torn labrum
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Brian Camilleri/hip arthroscopy

James’ Story

James was injured in a traffic collision when a distracted driver ran a red light and T-boned his car. He was left with a hip impingement and a torn labrum that prevented him from enjoying his everyday activities and hobbies, such as running, weightlifting, and playing with his kids. As a Marine Corp Veteran, physical activity was very important for James, and the inability to exercise caused mental and emotional suffering as well. The wound even took its toll on his family life.

James initially sought treatment elsewhere before coming to Central Indiana Orthopedics, but felt as if his doctor wasn’t listening to him or giving him enough attention. He also failed to make progress under the physical therapy they were giving him. Hoping to get better results, James talked to his primary care specialist and they recommended he seek treatment at CIO, where he was placed under Dr. Camilleri’s care. After discussing his concerns with Dr. Camilleri and getting x-rayed, it was decided that surgery was James’ next and best option.

He was able to get onto the operating table as soon as possible, and after a successful surgery his recovery and progress have been excellent. Even his physical therapy team is amazed at how quickly he is healing. James says listening to and following Dr. Camilleri’s instructions have been the key to his quick recuperation.

James is now back to weightlifting and running 4 times a week, pain-free! He’s training for a half-marathon next year, too. He is also able to finally ride a bike with his son, which is very special because when he taught him how to ride his bike he was not able to join him because of his injury. They ride together every weekend now!

“I want to personally thank Dr. Camilleri, Mark and Monica. I am overjoyed by the progress I have made and I still can’t believe I am able to run pain-free and lift weights without issues,” James said. “I will highly recommend CIO – everyone is so pleasant, you can tell they want to be there and are pleased to help out.”