August 27, 2021

Stories That Move Us: Maxwell Von Zirkelbach

Age 9 from Fishers, Indiana

Enjoys playing baseball, tubing with friends, playing the drums, bike rides to Jack’s Donuts and exploring new restaurants

Injury/Condition: Right great toe fracture

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Jared Jones, Walk-In Clinic

Max’s Story

Nine-year-old Max injured his great toe (aka “big toe”) by tripping into a lemonade stand, bending his toe under his foot. Max’s parents took him to his primary care doctor, and they ordered an x-ray which showed a fracture in his great toe. After hearing this diagnosis, Max’s parents wanted to make sure they followed up with an orthopedic doctor, so the next day Max hobbled into the Fishers Walk-In Clinic and saw Dr. Jared Jones.

Dr. Jones gave Max a boot to wear in order to stabilize his toe and foot and keep it from moving so that the healing process could begin. It took a total of six weeks for the fracture to heal and regain full range of motion. Dr. Jones explained that it will be important for Max to work on his balance once his toe had completely healed, since the great toe plays a vast role in being able to balance yourself correctly.

After six weeks of restrictions and wearing a boot, Max is back to playing baseball, running and jumping. Max was faithful in following his restrictions so that he could heal quickly and get back to being a kid and doing what he loves. Although Max had to miss some events, camps and even had to wear his boot on the beach, Max’s mom, Danessa, says she is thankful everything healed properly.

Max and his family were very grateful for the care and compassion they received from Dr. Jones and his staff throughout the entire process. “The quality of care surpasses any healthcare setting I have been to recently,” says Danessa. “We had a fantastic experience. From the first phone call, to the receptionist at the front desk, x-ray techs and Dr. Jones’ team, every person was exceptionally friendly and helpful.”

It just goes to show that even when life gives you a lemonade stand to trip into, things still turn out great! 😉