June 14, 2021

Stories That Move Us: Michael Engleman

Michael Engleman

Age 64 from Loogootee, Indiana

Enjoys being involved in the community, working in the yard and spending time with his family

Injury/Conditionhip pain/avascular necrosis/osteoarthritis

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. David Graybill, total hip replacement

Michael’s Story

After nine months of pain and thinking he had an issue with his back, Michael was referred to Dr. Graybill where he discovered the problem was actually stemming from necrosis and arthritis of the hip. Dr. Graybill then recommended a total hip replacement. At first Michael was not thrilled about the idea of a total hip replacement at 64 years old, but he had already failed conservative treatments elsewhere and his pain had become too much to deal with. He wanted the quality of life that he had before the pain. In April 2021, Dr. Graybill performed a total hip replacement on Michael’s left hip.

According to Michael, Dr. Graybill and his staff helped him feel prepared so that there were no surprises in the surgery and healing process. “Everything I was told to be prepared for and to expect before, during and after surgery was right on the money,” Michael said. “I felt very prepared and my expectations were actually exceeded because of what was counseled to me.”

Initially, Michael was apprehensive to go through the healing process. “I was concerned it might take weeks, if not months to physically walk like I wanted,” Michael said. However, it went much better than expected. “I was walking without assistance of a cane or walker 10 days after the surgery because I did everything exactly as instructed to do… Just a little over three weeks, I have exceeded my expectations, and for that, I am extremely pleased and thankful.”

Michael trusts that listening, asking questions and doing just as instructed by Dr. Graybill and his staff are what led him to getting back to his normal lifestyle, without pain, as quickly as possible.

Michael is very grateful to be referred to Central Indiana Orthopedics and to no longer have any hip or joint pain. He knows of others who have not bounced back as quickly from a hip replacement as he did. He credits having the “best possible treatment” to his speedy recovery. Michael said, “I am very pleased with my progress and feel like a new man.”