September 11, 2023

Stories That Move Us: Randy Holt

Randy Holt, coach and owner of Mid-America Gymnastics in Marion, IN, is passionate about being active and is always on the go. When a rotator cuff injury caused him to pause the activities he loves, he knew he needed a plan to get back to his energetic lifestyle quickly.

In Randy’s role as a gymnastics coach, he prides himself as always being there for the athletes so they can confidently and safely perform. “I’ll go (fall) before they go,” Randy said. And he’s had several situations where this statement’s been put to the test – most recently, as he tore his rotator cuff for the fourth time. “When spotting an athlete on a back handspring, the gymnast bailed midair and took my left arm behind my head,” Randy said. “I felt a terrible tear, almost like Velcro, and it got very hot. With it being the fourth time that I’ve injured my shoulder, I suspected it was another tear.”

Even though this wasn’t Randy’s first experience with a shoulder injury, he still had anxiety and was at a low place with his future as a gymnastics coach. While Randy’s previous doctor had retired, he found Dr. Scott Waterman at Central Indiana Orthopedics Muncie office and was quickly put at ease. “Dr. Waterman was quick to address my concerns and was fully onboard with a treatment plan that helped meet my goals. He immediately made me feel like we could pull through it together,” Randy said. “I appreciated the fact that he was also an athlete, as he understood my desire for complete recovery so my athletes could feel confident that I’d be there for them.”

After surgery, Dr. Waterman guided Randy through the rehabilitation process, and was honest upfront that it would not be easy. “My coaching experience helped me during recovery because I know how to relate to athletes, but I had to do some self-coaching, knowing that I’d need to remain dedicated to the plan,” Randy said. “My personality is very driven, and I was motivated to get back to doing what I love.”

Randy took Dr. Waterman’s advice and put in the work during recovery, doing a combination of physical therapy in his hometown of Marion, and also at home using his home gym. “Today, my shoulder is 100%, and even though I’m four years from seventy, which has its own limitations, I feel great,” Randy shared. “Range of motion is very important with rotator cuff surgery, and I feel confident that it’s back to what it was before I had the surgery. I have a responsibility as a gymnastics coach, and I feel confident spotting athletes.”

From beginning to end, Randy says his treatment expectations were met, and he couldn’t be happier with the process. And despite the fact that Randy endured another injury, the silver lining is that he picked up another passion along the way – golf! He now plays six days a week and loves the flexibility and range of motion the sport offers. Wishing you the best on the course and in the gym, Randy!

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