April 27, 2021

CIO Marion Opening Walk-In Clinic for Urgent Orthopedic Care

Central Indiana Orthopedics is excited to expand its services in the Marion community by offering a Walk-In Clinic opening Monday, May 3.

Headed by Jennifer Hite, NP, our Marion Walk-In Clinic will provide urgent orthopedic care to patients with recent injuries and pain. Patients at our Marion Walk-In Clinic will experience the following benefits:

  • No appointment or referral needed – just walk in!
  • Treatment is available for all ages
  • X-ray machine and casting available on site
  • Less expensive and quicker than the ER
  • We can treat recent injuries and pain of the elbow, foot/ankle, hand/wrist, hip, knee and shoulder

In addition to the new Marion Walk-In Clinic, Central Indiana Orthopedics’ Walk-In Clinic locations in Anderson, Fishers and Muncie have helped over half a million patients. With the opening of the Marion Walk-In Clinic, even more individuals will be able to take advantage of expert orthopedic care when sudden injuries happen. Patients who have a sprain, strain or a fall can come in without making an appointment.

Our Walk-In Clinics see patients of all ages, and our wait times are much lower than going to an emergency room. Just to walk into the ER is a significant charge; what our patients receive when they come to a CIO Walk-In Clinic is much more cost-effective. We not only diagnosis but also treat your injury and get you back whole again. When you come to our Clinic versus the ER, you’re seeing a specialist in musculoskeletal medicine, which is an advantage for our patients. We can provide definitive, specialized care rather than general medical care.

When you find yourself in need of urgent orthopedic care, you’ll find it at any of our four Walk-In Clinics, now including Marion, Indiana!

*For issues with your neck, back or spine, instead of visiting the Walk-In Clinic, please call 800-622-6575 for an appointment, or request one online using our Chat tool.

Our Marion Walk-In Clinic will be open Monday-Friday, 8:30-11AM. Learn more at ciocenter.com/Marion.