July 26, 2022

CIO Physician Recognized as ISMA Physician of the Year

Join us in congratulating Dr. Jared Jones for receiving ISMA (Indiana State Medical Association) Team Physician of the Year! This award is presented to a team physician who has provided at least 15 years of service to an Indiana school or organized team, is in good standing with the ISMA and nominated by a licensed athletic trainer.

Dr. Jones has been practicing at Central Indiana Orthopedics for over 28 years and helps run the Walk-In Clinic at CIO Anderson office. He’s had an impact on many physicians, athletic trainers and athletes throughout his career, serving as team physician for the Anderson University Ravens since 2008 and previously serving as team physician for Indiana Wesleyan University. He also helps educate Anderson University student athletic trainers to develop their clinical skills and help them build successful careers.

Dr. Jamie Kay, CIO President, shared how he’s witnessed firsthand the many patients, staff and physicians who Dr. Jones has made an impression on over the years. “It’s been an honor to work alongside and learn from Dr. Jones over the last 20 years,” said Dr. Kay. “He has a wealth of knowledge in sports medicine and provides exceptional care to his patients. Congratulations, Dr. Jones, on this well-deserved award.”

As the team physician of the Anderson University Ravens, Dr. Jones has had the privilege of working alongside AU student athletes who are passionate about their sport. Dr. Jones says that watching their love for the game and knowing he’s able to play a small part in their success is very rewarding. We asked Dr. Jones what it meant to receive this award. “This honor was especially significant for me because it came from the IATA (Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association),” said Dr. Jones. “I’ve spent nearly 30 years educating, mentoring and employing athletic trainers. They are vital to the provision of musculoskeletal care and it was great to be recognized with this award.”

Several athletic trainers who are current and/or were past colleagues or students of Dr. Jones joined him at the awards ceremony to show their support. A few of them shared words of appreciation about the impact Dr. Jones has made on them as a mentor in the athletic training field.

“Dr. Jones was an integral part of my education at Anderson University. He has always been supportive of athletic training as a profession and understands our value as a team member in the clinical setting. I feel privileged to have worked alongside him for more than 15 years in various capacities. He is truly an outstanding doctor!” ~Jen Skidmore, CIO Athletic Trainer

“Dr. Jones is not only an outstanding physician, but he has been a positive mentor for me in my athletic training career. He has always been someone I can go to for advice or if I have any questions. Not only have I had the privilege to have him as a professor at AU, but I also get to work alongside him in the office. He is a great teacher and overall wonderful person. I am thankful to know him and call him a friend, as well as a mentor.” ~Kylie Vance, CIO Athletic Trainer

“Dr. Jones exemplifies compassion and what it takes to provide top notch care for his patients at CIO and on the field. He has been an ally to athletic trainers, including myself, during his career. Thank you, Dr. Jones!” ~Chester Coon, CIO Athletic Trainer

“Dr. Jones has always been appreciative and supportive of our profession as athletic trainers. He recognizes us as healthcare professionals and treats us as equals. Dr. Jones brought me into the CIO community, and I will be forever grateful.” ~Diana Silvey, CIO Athletic Trainer

We thank Dr. Jones for his expertise in sports medicine, compassion for his patients and the influence he’s had on so many student athletic trainers. Congratulations on this well-earned recognition!