December 23, 2021

Get to Know Dr. Francesca Tekula

Meet Dr. Francesca Tekula, board-certified neurosurgeon at Central Indiana Orthopedics Fishers and Anderson offices. Dr. Tekula started her career at CIO in 2003 and specializes in treatment of the back, neck and spine, including kyphoplasty, cervical and lumbar decompressions and fusion. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree at Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, and underwent residency training in neurological surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Tekula believes in a team-based approach to patient care and feels it’s important to treat patients as she would her own family. “I try to be sure the patient knows they are being heard,” Dr. Tekula said. “It’s important to make a connection with the patient and make them feel confident about their treatment plan.”

She understands that surgery can be scary for patients, especially if it’s their first surgery, so it’s important to Dr. Tekula to make the patient feel as comfortable and calm as possible by educating them throughout the entire process.  “Going through a spine surgery is a partnership,” Dr. Tekula explained. “I do my job, but I also make sure my patients are educated so they can do their job too. Together, we pull through it.”

As medicine evolves, one of the most recent changes is the ability to perform surgeries with a minimally invasive approach. In fact, many neck and spine surgeries can be performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing patients the opportunity to go home the same day, a fact that likely comes as a welcome surprise to most. “I think patients enjoy being able to recover at home and sleep in their own bed,” Dr. Tekula said.

Dr. Tekula shared what’s kept her motivated and excited to come to work for the past 18 years. “When a patient comes in with nerve pain, you can just see it on their face,” Dr. Tekula said. “If they come in with family, most of the time the family is also suffering. It’s very gratifying to be able to help a patient like that, and sometimes when they come back to see me, they look 10 years younger. That’s what keeps me going.”

When Dr. Tekula isn’t working, she enjoys outdoor activities, including wake surfing, snow skiing and riding her motorcycle. She also spends a lot of time trying to keep up with her two boys and her husband (fun fact: she’s married to Dr. Joseph Jerman, who also works at CIO!).

Learn more about Dr. Tekula and her approach to patient care in the video below. To schedule an appointment, call 800-622-6575 or request an appointment online at