August 2, 2021

Stories That Move Us: Carson Hruskoci

Age 18 from Fishers, Indiana

Enjoys lacrosse, running, spending time with friends, boating, snowboarding, and playing video games

Injury/Condition: ACL strain

CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Joseph Jerman, physical therapy with Damon Stansberry, DPT

Carson’s Story

Carson Hruskoci was faced with the possibility of missing a season of lacrosse due to a knee injury. During lacrosse practice, Carson twisted his knee and heard a “pop” with immediate sharp pain. Unable to tolerate any weight on his injured knee, Carson suspected he tore his ACL. “I was familiar with Central Indiana Orthopedics and knew it would be the best option for me to get reliable treatment quickly,” Carson said. “I went straight to the Fishers office and was scheduled with Dr. Jerman.” Fortunately, the MRI that Dr. Jerman ordered showed only bone bruising and an ACL strain rather than an ACL tear. With no surgery necessary, Dr. Jerman recommended that Carson let his knee heal without activity for a couple weeks and then begin physical therapy to regain the muscle that was lost during recovery.

Dr. Jerman referred Carson to Central Indiana Orthopedics Physical Therapy to have treatment with Damon Stansberry, DPT. Damon started working with Carson to increase his range of motion, then building and strengthening the injured knee. Damon created stretches and exercises that mimicked lacrosse moves to help strengthen his leg and get him back to his active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

During Carson’s time in physical therapy, he started slowly incorporating activity back into his routine and playing lacrosse. Carson was eventually able to return to the field and finish the last two months of the season, pain-free. “At the time I injured my knee, lacrosse season was in full swing and I felt that I fell behind in skill,” Carson said. “CIO really brought my spirits back to life and made it possible for me to get back on the field better than ever.”

Carson and his family were very pleased with the care they received at Central Indiana Orthopedics. “I would definitely recommend CIO because they were able to get me the help I needed in a timely manner so that I was able to return to the field as quickly as possible,” Carson said. “The relationships that I built with Dr. Jerman and Damon were very meaningful, and I could tell that they truly cared about me and wanted to help in every way possible. Thank you, CIO!”