June 9, 2021

Stories That Move Us: John Smith II

John Smith II
Age 45 from Muncie, Indiana
Enjoys biking, boxing, golf, hiking, sailing, swimming, coaching track/field and weight lifting
Injury/Condition: Right hip impingement and right rotator cuff tear
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Brian Camilleri, hip and shoulder arthroscopy

John’s Story

In 2017, John Smith came to Central Indiana Orthopedics following an injury at work. After seeing numerous doctors elsewhere, John was scheduled to see Dr. Brian Camilleri for a second opinion regarding the hip and shoulder pain he was experiencing from his work injury. John wanted a solution to the pain rather than accepting that the pain is just something he would have to “learn to live with” because of his age, as he was told by other practices.
Dr. Camilleri started treating John’s hip pain conservatively with injections and therapy, but after conservative treatment did not yield the results either John or Dr. Camilleri desired, Dr. Camilleri recommended an arthroscopy of his left hip. It wasn’t long after surgery that John started feeling like himself again. Since he had such success with his hip surgery, John felt it was time to tackle the pain in his shoulder.

Dr. Camilleri reviewed an MRI showing a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder and, taking an initial approach like they did with John’s hip, decided to treat the injury conservatively before recommending surgery. Ultimately, it was decided that an arthroscopy of his right shoulder was needed in order to alleviate the pain and fix the tear. John is now four months out from surgery, and recovery is going smoothly. He cannot thank Dr. Camilleri enough for helping him get back to his active way of life.

John has been so pleased with his care with at Central Indiana Orthopedics that he has recommended our practice to many friends and family, including his girlfriend, who is currently receiving treatment from Dr. Camilleri.

John is accustomed to an active lifestyle and thankful to have Dr. Camilleri as his physician.

Dr. Camilleri put in the time and effort to diagnose and understand my injuries and the source of my pain. He found a solution and didn’t just treat my symptoms,” John said. “I have my life back, and it is wonderful.”