May 13, 2022

Stories That Move Us: Carson Baugh

Age 16 from Fishers, Indiana

Enjoys playing basketball, watching football and basketball and playing video games

Injury/Condition: Ankle injury

CIO Provider/TreatmentDr. Kile Carter / Damon Stansberry, DPT; Walk-In Clinic / Physical Therapy

Carson severely injured his ankle after jumping for the ball and landing on a teammate’s foot during a high school basketball game early in the season. Following his injury, Carson was able to come to CIO Fishers Walk-In Clinic without an appointment and see Dr. Carter. After ordering an MRI, results showed that Carson had a combination of tears and strains of ligaments in his ankle and was told he may miss the entire basketball season due to the severity. Dr. Carter recommended Carson wear a boot during recovery and go through physical therapy.

Carson was scheduled with CIO Fishers Physical Therapy and met with Damon Stansberry, DPT. Knowing how important basketball was to Carson, Damon worked with him to come up with a personalized plan to help get him back to basketball as soon as possible. “At the first visit, Damon asked me what my goal was, which was to return to the court,” Carson said. “Not only did Damon recommend exercises to work on at home to recover from my injury, but the exercises also helped to prevent further injury to both of my ankles.” Damon recommended that Carson follow a physical therapy plan one to two times per week in the office for four to six weeks, in addition to at-home exercises, to increase range of motion, stability and function.

Within three weeks of physical therapy, Carson’s pain started to improve, and it was looking more favorable that he would return to basketball before the season ended. By week four, Carson began shooting baskets and jogging at home while monitoring his pain level. He was relieved that his pain level continued to decrease and was looking forward to shooting hoops with his teammates again.

After six weeks of physical therapy and strictly following orders from Damon and Dr. Carter, Carson was back to playing basketball with minimal pain. By week nine, he returned to the court with full function and zero pain. “I would absolutely recommend Central Indiana Orthopedics,” Carson said. “Damon was incredibly helpful and exceeded my expectations. The staff was always so friendly and wanted to make sure that I got back on the court quickly.”