November 14, 2018

Stories That Move Us: Russ Henderson

Meet Russ

Age 36, from Muncie, IN
Enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with family
Injury/Condition: labral tear, right hip
CIO Provider/Treatment: Dr. Brian Camilleri, hip scope

Russ’s Story

During Active Duty field training in December 2016, Russ was wearing a 30-40 pound pack, twisted to change directions and felt a “pop!” The pain was constant and worsened with physical activity – and Russ’ activity level is extreme – like jumping out of helicopters and airplanes! But even simple, daily activities like putting on shoes/socks or sleeping caused him discomfort. After months of failed therapy, activity modification, and seeking treatment from other physicians, he still had pain without any answers.

Russ was referred by his family physician to see Dr. Camilleri at CIO in Anderson for a second opinion since Dr. Camilleri specializes in hip arthroscopy and sports medicine. The x-ray and MRI showed a labral tear in his right hip. After Dr. Camilleri learned that conservative treatment had already failed, he suggested that Russ have a hip scope – a minimally invasive surgery to repair the hip joint.

Russ shared, “To be honest, it was a little scary at first. Being so active, I thought this could be the end of my career with the Military.” However, Russ did very well in surgery & afterwards did not even need to use his pain medication. In true Russ-fashion, he was determined to bounce back, so he was dedicated to physical therapy and agility exercises. Just five-months after surgery, Russ ran 10 miles at a 7 minute/mile pace!

“My experience with Dr. Camilleri was personalized, private care. I’ve never experienced that in the 17 years that I’ve been in the Military,” Russ said. “This has been the best experience I’ve had as far as healthcare goes, and I would refer Central Indiana Orthopedics to anybody.”