May 29, 2024

Encouragement for Those Suffering With Arthritis Pain

With arthritis being the leading cause of disability in the United States, there’s a good chance that you know someone who’s affected by this debilitating disease. Every day at Central Indiana Orthopedics, we see the impact osteoarthritis has on our patients, and that’s why we are passionate about helping patients conquer arthritis through education and innovative treatments.

As a proud partner of the Arthritis Foundation, we recently announced Dr. Brent Damer as Medical Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash fundraiser. During the nomination process, we asked patients to help us identify a surgeon who has made a significant impact in their life by reducing or eliminating their arthritis pain. We were overwhelmed by the hundreds of responses detailing successful results and how they’ve been able to live a pain-free life after treatment. Read on to learn words of encouragement from our patients. If you’re ready to take the next step in the journey of conquering arthritis, call 800-622-6575 or learn more at

*Please note: The patients in the images are not the patients who provided the reviews.

Dr. Salsbury did back-to-back total knee replacements for me this summer. Both knees are pain free and rock solid. I can now walk as far as I want and stairs are no trouble. My wife and I are back to traveling in our retirement. – Patient Review

Dr. Herbst listens intently before ever recommending anything – this is his strongest characteristic. He saw me as a person with my goals and needs in my bone spur on my big toe, to my arthritis needs of shots to keep walking long distances right up to the decision to finally have surgery on the top of my foot so I would not need shots anymore. He is incredibly patient-oriented, and his knowledge of movement, healing, and the person as a whole is unmatched. I am pain free in my left foot and back to walking mile after mile. So thankful for him and his staff. – Patient Review

Dr. Waterman spent time with me explaining what was wrong with my shoulder and providing multiple options for recovery. Would recommend him to others. – Patient Review

Dr. Jaggers is awesome. He replaced my hip and knee, and I’ve had very little pain. He shows you and explains it in a way that you understand. He very kind and truly loves his patients. – Patient Review

Dr. Cieply replaced both of my hips, and the excellent job he did has allowed me to continue working, be involved with my Lodge, and do things with my friends and family. I have no doubt that if I had not had this done I would have been in a wheelchair and unable to work. – Patient Review

Dr. Kay is a great surgeon. I was bone-on-bone in both knees, and he replaced both of them at the same time! I have been pain free and haven’t had any problems with them since 2014. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know that has knee problems! – Patient Review

Dr. Surtani did a full knee replacement on my left knee. He also corrected my left leg that was very bowed. The surgery went very well and so did my recovery. He is an excellent surgeon who explained my issues, offered options and then let me decide the course of treatment. I’ve also seen Dr. Surtani for shoulder pain. He’s always caring and professional, and I have complete confidence in him. – Patient Review

Dr. Cook has operated on my hands twice. I am a piano player by trade, and my hands have to work properly to work. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to cut on my hands. He is very thorough and so kind. He makes sure I understand what’s going to be happening and listens to my concerns. – Patient Review

Dr. Chen did arthroplasty on both of my thumbs. I am so thankful for him, because it was hard for me to dress and pick up some items or even hold a pen to write anything down. I am now able to do those simple things and more. He is the best. – Patient Review

Dr. Jerman performed my hip replacement. Excellent staff and facilities, plus a very pleasant experience and hip feels great! – Patient Review

Dr. Duncan has performed several surgeries on my spine and wrists. I couldn’t ask for a kinder, more attentive or better surgeon! – Patient Review

I had a lot of arthritis in my shoulder, and Dr. Chae scraped it out when he did my reverse shoulder replacement. I was in a lot of pain and Dr. Chae took care of that. – Patient Review

I really like CIO and I love my new doctor, John Martin. He did my last hip replacement which had a few complications, and he has spent extra time on me while everything is getting healed up. I feel like he genuinely cares about my welfare, as I am sure he does with all his patients because that is just his nature…very caring and compassionate. I am more than satisfied with the care that I have been given and continue to receive as I am recovering from the surgery. Dr. Martin is #1 in my book and would highly recommend him to any person looking for a good surgeon. – Patient Review

I suffered for quite a while with spinal pain and was told by many surgeons that I’d have to deal with it.  Then I went to CIO and saw Dr. Tekula who ran tests and said, ”I can fix that!” She did, and I’ve been great since then. She’s addressed other problems I developed and has fixed those problems as well.  She is a wonder of the operating room! – Patient Review

My left knee replacement five years ago provided immediate relief to an arthritic situation that was unbearable. Dr. Camilleri’s compassionate counsel and honest opinions were instrumental in deciding to replace my knee. His demeanor is relaxing in a very emotional decision. Now, my right knee is to be replaced, and there was no hesitancy to ask Dr. Camilleri’s opinion again for the procedure. – Patient Review

After interviewing three doctors for a shoulder replacement, Dr. Badman had the most experience by far, and his demeanor and approach impressed me. To make a long story short, I have played over 450 rounds of golf since my surgery in November 2019, and my scores improved. Since then he has supported me and remains a valued resource. – Patient Review

Dr. Damer performed my knee replacement. He was very thorough in explaining what needed done as I had no other options after 20+ years of dealing with bone-on-bone arthritis. Excellent care and follow up. Willingness to listen and answer questions. I recommend him to others with knee or hip issues. – Patient Review

I was having a lot of discomfort walking as I am on my feet all day. Dr. Lyon diagnosed and identified three areas of concern on my foot and performed surgery on those three separate areas. I’ve been walking pain free ever since. He’s a very caring and professional doctor, and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer to anyone I know. – Patient Review

Dr. Aaron Baessler has been my doctor since 2022. I’ve had a reverse shoulder replacement on both of my shoulders. He has always communicated all I would be going through with the surgeries and recovery, calling me each time to see how I was doing after surgery. I actually had an infection eight months after my first surgery, and the doctor made sure everything was done to take care of the infection. Afterwards we had to do the surgery again, and Dr. Baessler was very caring, thorough, and follow up was there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. Dr. Aaron Baessler is the BEST!!!! – Patient Review